Crystal Palace — Leicester

No one is even surprised by Leicester recent results. This team deserves to be in the position that it is in now. This became apparent not after a 9:0 win last week, but by the way Brandon Rogers’ men have mean playing since the very start of the season. Only Manchester City has scored more than Leicester. And also, has conceded the least out of all the teams. This really tells us something.

Crystal Palace is considered to be a very disciplined and organised side. However, they do not have a flair to their game. Practically in all the games it has had less ball possession than the opponent, but thanks to the quick attacking players they are able to create something.

I wouldn’t try and guess the outcome of the match. Of course, Leicester are the favourites with a larger chance of winning, but anything could happen. Even though Palace is an older team, its transition from defence to attack is very well developed and trained. Leicester is completely different as they prefer to have possession of the ball, and sometimes do encounter problems with the transition from defence to attack. This might be a problem as Palace are going to have the advantage of being the more versatile team.

I would look at the statistics, firstly possession of the ball. Obviously, Leicester are going to see more of the ball and will most likely come out on top. Also, Leicester in 12 out of the 13 matches played they have had more corners than their opposition. Furthermore, they use their young fast wingers. Palace on the other hand aren’t too successful in this aspect. I would bet for Leicester to have more corners with the advantage (-1). Also, on that Leicester are going to have more corners in the first half.

These are my thoughts for the match, Thank you